When Can you Start Yoga during Pregnancy?


Yoga provides a balance between your mind, body, and breath. You can get balance through breathing exercises, physical exercises, relaxation, and meditation. These are the forms of yoga and it suits any fitness level. It is safe to do yoga in pregnancy and yoga can help you to stay fit, supple and strong.

After the first trimester of pregnancy is the best time to start prenatal yoga. Because your body is going through many changes during the first trimester. In this time, you need a relaxation and rest until the energy level has returned to normal.

Most of the yoga classes start with warm-up practices, it can help you to stretch your legs, back and arms. After that postures can help you to boost your endurance and strength. Usually, yoga classes end with a guided meditation session or a relaxation session to help you feel refreshed. Most of the yoga classes for about 90 minutes.

The benefits of prenatal yoga classes

If you do it properly, yoga is a great way to improve your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Here, the benefits of postures,

  • It will help you to improve your flexibility, circulation and muscle tone.
  • Relaxation, breathing, and meditation will help you to stay mentally agile and strong.
  • Ease muscle tension and you can feel calm through proper yoga.
  • It helps you good night sleep and reduces stress and anxiety
  • The prenatal yoga helps to deal with the various pregnancy problems such as a headache, back pain, nausea and decrease the risk of preterm.

When you start yoga in pregnancy time?

On a doctor advice, you can start yoga to avoid the stress and stay strong physically and mentally. Prenatal yoga also helps to promote the health of your baby. In the beginning, yoga for pregnancy involves simple basic yoga poses. The best time to start yoga classes is after the first trimester of your pregnancy. That is, after 14 weeks.

To start yoga, pregnancy is an ideal time. The postures for beginners are simple than most of the people think. You will start slowly and gently.

Your yoga instructor will modify the postures so it will suit your stage of pregnancy. You have to pay attention to what your body tells you and listen carefully to your instructor. Generally, the yoga postures are designed to stretch, not strain. If you feel strain and discomfort, then stop what you are doing.