Ways to Make your Wedding Unforgettable


The wedding day is one of the most important days in everyone’s life. Every couple wants their wedding to be memorable and great. However, preparing and organizing a wedding is not an easy task. This article gives some idea to make your wedding an unforgettable movement for every guest.


Most of the peoples wedding location is a church, registry office or wedding hall. Choosing a sensational location for your wedding celebration makes your wedding is an unforgettable movement for every guest.

You can celebrate your wedding on the seashore at sunset, festival style wedding in a local former’s land or at the forest areas. Definitely, beautiful location with nature makes your wedding more special and unforgettable one.

Seating arrangement

Instead of the typical straight row, you have to try circular seating arrangements. This arrangement is great for outdoor weddings and also it is great for the weddings that don’t take place at the typical wedding.

In the circular seating arrangement, the family members and close friends will be seated in the front circular seats and the more casual guests will be seated outer edges of the circle.

Dress to impress

The dress is one of the ways to make big talking point of the day. So you have to find what will make your guests eye pop out. Most of the peoples like the brightly colored dress and a dramatic train.

Create a wedding hashtag

Create a hashtag for your wedding celebration. Whenever summiting a tweet related to your marriage guests use the hashtag. This is the way, the guests can see all the wedding and reception photos by entering the hashtag.


Transport is one of the talking points of the wedding. If you arranged the wedding on the waterside, you could arrive by speedboat, or if you are having a countryside venue, you can using horseback or tractor. If you have a city center wedding location, you could arrive by stretch limo or vintage sports car.

Use balloons

Seeing a cloud of beautiful balloons floating away is something magical. You have to use the natural latex balloons filled with helium. Don’t attach the strings or ribbons on the balloon.


If you have plenty of space for your wedding location, then you can arrange the games for guests. This is a better way to keep your guests happy and entertained.


Treat is one of the ways to make your guests happy, so treat them with a lot of goodies.