I began my custody dispute 11 months ago. All I asked for was that my child support be brought in line with my actual income and that I be allowed to reasonable visitation with my daughter. I received the visitation I wanted but got shafted on the support. My support was set at 128 dollars more a month than it should have been and I was assigned to pay 1500 of her lawyer bill.

Until we went to court I had not once had my daughter and the mother saw no reason for me to have access to her. She was the one preventing my daughter from having a father and I have to pay her bill. I just don’t understand. Not only that but why do I have to pay such high child support. Anyway enuff rambling, any guys in Anchorage Alaska who can give me suggestions feel free to email me…. I am looking for a new lawyer also.

Currently re married, haven’t seen children for 2 years, Finally have the finances and means to see children, Ex doesn’t want my wife to be with me when we visit for the first time, driving from IL, to FL to see them.

I need help with some information, if anyone has any that they can share, please e-mail me, or message, it may be a while until I can get back, but I will reply.

Hope to hear from some one soon. Thanks also for taking your time to read this message.