Difference between the router and modem in computer network


Today computer world, there are lots of equipment has available for the selection of wired and wireless devices.  There are several computer networking devices available to connect the several devices. Such as modems, router, bridges, repeaters and several other devices the main difference between the modem and router is a more straightforward device for the access point in the network.


A modem is a network device for a computer system that provides an access right to the internet connection. The modem mainly connects to your internet service provider that provides the cable service for internet connection. The cable modem has the coaxial connection just like the television or cable box connection.

By connecting the modem device to your router all devices are connected to the router to a modem to get the internet connection. The device connection of computer network has personal-computer or wireless device, router, modem, internet service provider and then only you get the internet connection.

The main function of modem has modulated the signals on a telephone line that convert the information through encoded form and then transmitted over the line after that it will decode the message or information on other ends of the receiver part. The modem has an internetworking device for device type and data are transmitted in form of a packet. But, it does not provide the security measures compared to other networking devices.


A router is a small box that allows accessing the multiple computers to join in the same network.  The main functionality of the router has provided the access point to the local network but it does not provide the service to access the internet connection. Most of the routers also contain the built-in function of switches that you connect the multiple wired devices. The router is a networking device for connecting the multiple devices. The routers are mainly served the two main functions first create the network and maintain the local area network as well as manage the data for entering and leaving the network. Once you set up the network connection start connecting the multiple devices within the small area either uses the office purpose or home needs.  Wireless routers are also available for connecting your system, laptops and mobile devices without using any cables to connect multiple devices. Routers and modems are the main two networking devices and most common peripherals for connecting the multiple devices.

There is a built-in option for security against the hackers or unauthorized access. The routers are connected to your modem that allows to access and share the internet connection in home or office.

Combined functionality of routers and modem

Some internet service provider offers a modem and router in the single device because the device has electronic as well as software support to perform the function. The modem has an act of communication purpose with your internet service provider and router has created the network connection.

If you want to connect your computer system or any other network to the internet connection you must need the connector that offers router and modem in a single device connection.