I have a newborn daughter who was born the 25th of October. My S2BX wife didn’t call me when the baby was born her aunt did, she won’t let me see my daughter and she says she is not going to put my name down as the father.

My wife & I separated at the end of May because allegations her mother made against me that were false well since I have been gone I have tried doing everything I can to help but she won’t return my calls or e-mails and than she sent me an e-mail telling me what she intended to do once the baby is born I have a lawyer and we have a temporary hearing set for the 26th.

I will pay my child support all I want is to be a part of my daughter’s life can my S2BX keep my daughter from me? If not how much time will I be able to have with my daughter?

I have visitation through the courts every other weekend of my 16 and 11 year old daughters. My ex has consistently been in contempt of court, doing everything she can to keep me from seeing my daughters. To complicate matters, she gave my 16 yr old the option to live with my ex’s step-son who is 26 and his girlfriend. My 11 year old is consistently left home alone to “do her homework” on the internet.

I have been to social services locally here and while they said there is possible “neglect”, there are no signs of abuse and closed the case….The said that since My daughter is 11, left at home for no longer than four hours each day, and has means to contact my ex in case of emergency, they are closing the case. Also, I have fallen behind drastically on my child support payments…..the payments I have been making were the original amount set by the courts and since then, I have been out of work on and off and my gross salary has dropped.

I’d like full custody of my 11 yr old to possibly move out of state….I know a lawyer is inevitable but as you’d guess, do not have the funds. What I’m seeking is advice and direction here.

Thanks in advance

Me and my ex were getting along just fine working things out about the baby that we are having together who is due in about 4 weeks when a few days ago me and her Aunt got into an argument so now my ex has filed an order of protection against me and is going to try to keep me from my son.

Everything she said in the order of protection was a lie. If there is anything I can do what can I do because I do want to see my son.

After the baby is born I already have it set up to go to court for custody of my son. Please help me! She has done this same thing to her ex-husband who was the guy before me.

If your state is like most staes at your PFA hearing I would have your attorney make a motion for a DEMAND FOR SHOW OF PROOF as in I demand u prove what your saying is true.

good luck!