I strongly suspect you’ll have to take her to court and it could be expensive. Even if she doesn’t get additional state aid, you’re still going to be paying her child support which is non-taxable so why should she give up the child.

My recommendation is that you hire an attorney and be prepared for a lengthy court fight.

As an alternative, if the two of you live near each other, consider joint custody with alternating week visitation. Its not all that you want but its better than weekends.

And I wouldn’t discuss the matter with your girlfriend any further without talking to the attorney first.

I just found this club today and started reviewing the posts. I’m very glad to have found such an informative website.

I live in Montreal, Canada. I have a very unique situation involving my 2 y/o daughter. I’m going to court on Oct 30th to try to regain her custody.

I care for my daughter from her birth (April 2014) till Sept 2015 while her mom was away right after the hospital, I donno where. On the weekday I go to work and left my daughter with her maternal grandma. On the weekend I would bring her back to my apartment. During that period, I paid $200.00 or as much that I could per month to the grandma for her help.

On Sept 2015, the mother of my daughter grab her away and start giving me so much trouble to see her as she live with her new boyfriend. Since Dec 2015, I was unable to see my daughter at all. Due to financial difficulty I hesitated to hire a lawyer and tried to get help through other sources but unsuccessful. I did hired a lawyer on April 2015 because I really had to see her on her birthday. I wasn’t able to see her on her birthday but was able to see her for 2 weekend out of 3 for 4 weekend till I went broke. On June, I discontinue the case after the bill went above $2000.00 and my bank account zip out.

In short, I worry about my daughter well-being, mental health and safety, not to mention I crave to see her again as the mother is mentally unstable and practicing prostitution. If anyone think they can help with any advice please email me.

Thank you.