Can’t get divorced in Texas!

Hey guys,
My custody divorce has been drawn out in the Tarrant County, TX, family court for 3 1/2 years! I was appointed “temporary” sole managing conservator (sole custody) 2 1/2 years ago in July. The kids, 4 and 6, now 8 and 10, are doing great and I am very blessed and have lots to be grateful for.


After 4 days of hearings in July, my grave concerns were validated and her “fiancee’, a convicted child molester, was ordered removed from the children’s lives. Later, we were ordered to mediation twice in the next year or more. She will not accept anything but her having custody. Since, I have had trial dates set and canceled five times in the last year.

She continues to exhibit despicable judgment and behavior. The social worker and psychiatrist continue to recommend I keep the kids. She has now hired her forth attorney to muddy the waters. My life has been on hold for more than three years now!
Gender Bias: Texas law states that gender will not be considered, but I know that a woman would not have to endure such “I’ll take you all down with me” tactics by a man who had previously lost his parental rights in court. She has nothing to lose by firing attorneys, filing pro-se, hiring new attorneys, stonewalling good-faith mediation, stalling discovery and productions (I have had 4 full discovery requests in the last year)

In addition, she has been ordered to pay “zero” child support.

They had me “escrow” a profit-sharing check (as if they couldn’t have known that the money was just going to the attorney’s anyway).
I have had zero attention given to any of my financial matters (she is paying only 1 of five commercial loans on a hobby business I started- she claims to be her “employment”. She was given control of it (3 years of my hard work)in the very first “closed chambers” hearing in ’98 without so much as a fight because my attorney wanted to keep our focus on the kids.

She has now moved less than two blocks away from my home. She picks fights in public, comes uninvited to my property and even climbed into my truck in front of my son and wouldn’t get out. I have called the police once, but should have on three other occasions but didn’t because the kids were present. It goes on and on.

Recently, my attorney got the judge to give the case up because he went from April 16, to August 20, to October15, to next year – MARCH 4 for our next trial date! This started in August!

Lots more Dads issues embedded in this case, running out of energy… and money. Any suggestions?